Friday, September 3, 2010

Wholesale Costume Warehouse Buzz Lightyear Costume Review

Halloween is Just around the corner. Well, It is over a month away, but All the stores are shelving their aisles with Halloween things. One of my most favorite parts of Halloween is dressing up. As I have become older, I don't dress up much. It doesn't help that I have tended to work on Halloween. But Since I have become a mom, I have gotten the spirit of dressing up again. My son is now 3 1/2. For his first Halloween we dressed him as a little devil... Last year He was a dragon.... This year... Well, this year he got to chose out his own costume.
The great people at Whole Sale Costume Club allowed us to receive one costume of our choice to review and share with all my friends. This was an extremely hard decision. Especially for a 3 year old to make. He wanted to be everything at one time or another, but we finally settled on him being Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story.

We were so excited when this costume arrived in the mail. It consisted of the costume and blow up rocket pack. My son is a size 4T.... but we ordered the 4-6 costume figuring that if he needed to wear sweatpants or something underneath it in case it is too cool out, that there would be enough room... But I am glad that he got the larger size, because I think the 4T would have been a bit small. In my experiences in general, costumes tend to run a tad smaller than regular clothes. The Buzz costume is a 1 piece outfit with separate pieces for the leg shields. My son wanted to put it on and show it off to everyone in the family. Then he was very set on not wearing it too long because its not Halloween yet. He is so excited. And so am I.

Wholesale Costume is a great company. They have great prices on all their costumes. Being a member gives you more discount on the costumes. This is especially great for a family or for anyone who wants to save. They have costumes for every style and every age. They even have costumes specifically for Pets. Why buy your costume at a Halloween Retail store when you can buy your costume here.

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