Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ecoStore USA Review - Citrus Spray Cleaner and Baby Moisturizer

EcoStore carries a wide array Natural Products.  EcoStore was founded by Malcolm and Melanie Rands from their New Zealand home in 1993.  They use plant and mineral based ingredients to create safer, healthier products that do the job just as effectively as the petrochemical based ones. ecoStore sent me 2 of their great products for review.

The first product is the Spray Cleaner.  This cleaner is made from Water, Alkyl Polyglucoside (Plant Based Surfactant), Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate (Preservative), and D-limonene (Citrus Solvent).  My husband has been the lucky one to try this product out.  He decided that enough was enough with the old cleaning solution, and it was time to try something new.   How did he rate it - 5 out of 5. Like any cleaner, there is an odor.  But this is a very soft odor.  It does not overpower the small bathroom with fumes!  That is a Plus, especially with everyone having allergies or smell sensitivities.  How does it clean?  There was a slight shine to the sink that I have never noticed before!  Being a natural based product, It seems to cut through gunk a little bit better than

I also received the Baby moisturizer for review.  This moisturizer is great because it is made with ingredients that interact with your baby's natural oils.  Even though this is a Baby's Moisturizing product, I actually am the one who shares it with my son.  This lotion has a relaxing smell to it.  With the natural oils in it, it reacts naturally with our skins, and leaves our hands, arms and legs as soft as a baby's bottom.

Thank you ecoStore for allowing me to review these products. You truly have great products - and at reasonable prices.   You can look for these products at your local Meijers or you can purchase them online at ecoStore USA

**All opinions on this review are 100% mine.  I was sent 1 bottle of cleaner and 1 bottle of lotion for review purposes.  I was not financially compensated for my post.

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