Thursday, September 2, 2010

Energizer Recharge Smart Charger

Are you a mother of a young child? If so then you will feel me.... It seems that 90% of the toys that children want to play with take batteries - Well, at least all my sons toys do. I try to keep the battery buying to a minimum, but it seems that the toys exhaust all the battery power faster than I can buy a new pack.
And as a mom, I am constantly taking pictures of my son and things that are going on. And my camera takes AA batteries.

There has to be an better way to powering one's toys and cameras and TV remotes. A way that will save room in landfills and cost less on the pocket book.

Energizer has come out with a solution to all our problems. They came out with the Energizer Recharge Smart Charger. This little charger holds 4 AA or AAA batteries (the most common batteries we use in our house). It keeps your informed of how long you have left for your batteries to charge and also how full the charge is on the battery.

Thank you Energizer for creating this great little product for moms like me. This will defiantly make my life easier... Now I wont have to worry about running to the store every couple days to make sure all my gadgets are working.

Thank you This Mama Loves Her Bargains for Posting about this product. It is defiantly an item that every mom should have.

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