Thursday, September 9, 2010

Soda Stream Review - Make your own Soda Pop

I am a complete Pop Fan. I love Mt. Dew and Diet Coke... and now i have a new found love... I Love Soda Stream! If you haven't Heard of Soda Stream, this is a Make your own Soda unit. Now you can turn plain water into bubbly Soda.

Soda Stream makes carbonated water and Soft drinks simple. You can turn tap water into sparkling water in under 30 seconds - with no clean up. You also can enjoy the freshness and convenience of homemade soda and protect the environment at the same time. There are no heavy bottles to carry or store at home or throw in the garbage. You can make the water as fizzy as you please, and add the flavors of your choice to create your favorite drink. This product is simple to clean and easy to use.
They offer 4 different styles in colors that will match any decor. I was sent the Fountain Jet in Black and Silver for review. This is the best color for my "kitchen" Everything I have is either black or white. When this arrived in the mail, I made my family wait for me before they tried it. This package came complete with the Fountain Jet system, 1 Carbonator Tank, 2- 1 liter bottles, and 9 varieties of soda syrup. I try to not allow my son to have Pop - like Mt. Dew or Cola, so when I saw the lemon-aid, I thought How fun. He can have his own carbonated Lemon-aid. And I wont feel bad about it. The good: This makes yummy soda once you get the right flavor mix down pat... The bummy: It is a little Loud when you carbonate the water - the Buzzer part of it. The ugly: The clean up when your 4 year old son decides he's going to help pour the syrup mix.... and pours it in too fast....and its Fizz ALL OVER THE PLACE! lol... Its actually funny.... still is... We have used it many of times since we have received it. Mainly using the Kid Friendly Lemonaid. This is defiantly a great treat at the end of the week celebrating those long days of Pre-School! I look forward to trying some of their other flavors - but 9 bottles of flavoring - will last us a while.

According to the website, you are able to buy soda mixes at stores like Meijers. They do not offer the exchange carbonators though.

Overall this is one of the best products for a soda loving family!