Thursday, June 10, 2010

Walgreens Sale

I had the GREATEST cashier and Manager Combo at Walgreens today!
First of all, i had the 10.00 P&G RR from a purchase made earlier in the week...and knowing ahead of time, that if i tried to use that to buy more gillette products, the RR wouldnt print out....So... I tried to look for the Nutrogena Soap bars for 2.99 - buy 3 of them get a 10.00 rr... Sadly, my walgreens was COMPLETELY out of them....(and they had TONS of the gillette in stock... Sigh... So i asked what i could do, and told them the scenerio... i was wanting to get the Nutrogena for the 10.00 rr so i could purchase free body wash.
Their conclusion was to bypass scanning the 10.00 RR and typing it in manually. YES! my savior! :D and they even gave me a raincheck in case they dont get the Nutrogena in before the RR deal is over :) WAHOO!!!

this is my GREAT Deal :

3 Gillette Body Wash @ 4.49
2 Gillette Deodorant @ 4.49
1 Gillette Deodorant @ 4.99
1 Bayer Cheweables @ 2.99
2 Bengay Massage Cream @ 4.99
1 Visine @ 4.79 (not shown, because hubby is already using it)
3 WAG Gummie Bears (fillers) @ .39 each
3 John Fredia Root Awakening Products @ 5.00 each

Coupons Used
WAG Coupon 2.00 off Bayer
WAG Coupon .80 off Visine
3 B1G1 Gillette Body Wash Coupon (buy 1 deodorant get wash free)
1 4.00/2 Gillette Deodorant Coupon
1 2.00/1 Gillette Deodorant Coupon
2 5.00/1 Bengay Coupons
3 3.00/1 John Fredia
1 1.00/1 Bayer
1 2.00/1 Visine
1 10.00 RR
1 2.50 RR

Total OOP 5.54 (including the 6% Michigan Sales Tax)
1 - 5.00 RR for John Fredia
1 - 10.00 RR for Gillette

And best of all, there were no MAJOR beeps! The only time it beeped was because i orignally had 2 of the 2.50 rr and 1 10.00 rr... thinking that the total befor tax was going to be at least 15.00 so i could use all they gave me my 1 2.50RR back and i can shop some more :)

Thank you WildforWags for posting the great deal match-ups :D


  1. Wow! Very accommodating with your RR. If only all Wags stores are like that store! If only... :I

  2. I know, it was a rare find having such a great staff to work with... Ive been very lucky with the Wags in my area.. i asked for a raincheck on an item, was no worry, when ever it came in it came in... the store manager hunted it down for me and within a few hours, called me and said they had it in stock with my name on it :D great customer service!