Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wags Trip 6-24-10

Today went to Walgreens and made a purchase... Used coupons, and things dint turn out the way i expected them to...but... i did realize the reasoning behind it, and went bak that night and got it adjusted.

Transaction this morning:
3 OldSpice Body Wash (swagger) @ 4.49 each
3 Old Spice Deodorant @ 4.99 each
Dr Pepper 1.69
2 boxes of envelopes @ 0.50 each
Butter Finger - 0.50
Cracker Jack 0.50
Total before coupons 32.13

Coupons used:
3 B1Body Wash G1 Deodorant (3 @ 4.99)
3 1.00/2
10.00 Neutrogen RR
4.00 Hallmark RR

Total after coupons & RR - 0.16 (but had to pay 1.77 in tax)

4.50 P&G RR

I purchased over 25.00 in P&G and i thought i should get the 10rr, but... when i looked at it again, i needed to buy 1 more P&G product, because it was counting that against the 25.00 P&G rr requirements... I went back tonight and spoke to the manager, and told her that i expected to get teh 10.00 rr, and offered to return and repurchase (and even give up the 4.50 rr i received earlier) and buy 1 more set of body wash/deoderant combo... she just did a fake transaction -and printed my 10.00 rr, and i purchased the extra deodorant/body wash just because that is what i should have done before.... and received another 4.50rr

Trans #2:
Old Spice Body Wash @ 4.49
Old Spice Deoderant @ 4.99
Total b4 coupons 9.48
Coupons Used
1 B1G1 (4.99)
4.00 RR
Subtotal 0.49 - (but still have to pay 0.57 in tax)

Overall not too bad....
Spent 2.99 OOP (including tax)
2 - 4.00 RR
1 - 10.00 RR
1 - 10.00 RR
2 - 4.50RR

now, just have to figure out what to do with so much body wash! lol


  1. Too funny! I thought I had a ton of body wash only to realize that I have 7000 bottles of shampoo but no body wash. Oh well, same thing. I am a big couponer, I love to match up sales and coupons! Found you through The Girl Creative, thanks!!!

  2. Lol... im still semi picky on shampoo - still trying to find what feels good in my hair - havent found the Perfect one yet, that doesnt cost a fortune.. lol... Thanks for reading...
    im just starting to get into coupons - only about a month of seriously looking into the paper... Just need to find a house to put my "stockpiles" in :D

  3. Thank you for following :D

  4. Make hand soap out of body wash. Dilute with
    little water and put it in pump bottles
    next to sinks.

  5. I have one of those "foam Pump" dispensers, and i take The large jug of Softsoap and refil it with that ( 3/4 water and 1/4 soap...) and that seems to last me about 8 months or so that way ... but i will keep the body wash handsoap in mind - especially if there is a sent that i especially love :D Thanks for the tip

  6. Debbie said she has 7000 bottles of shampoo, I'm wondering how does a person store that much shampoo??? Maybe it was a typo? LOL.
    I am having a small yard sale tomorrow and selling some of my stockpile, that's where my gillette and old spice body wash ended up. :) Happy Couponing'