Sunday, June 20, 2010

Walgreens Sale Last week

I was lucky enough to have a bunch of the Men's Nivea 3.00 off body wash coupons and also the 5.00 off schick and 4.00 off proglide coupons. I managed to score 8 Mens Nivea, 4 of the Schick and 4 of the Proglide Razor Small Gift Sets for basically free! I rolled RR from the previous week to purchase my nivea, received a 6.00 rr, took that and purchased the proglide razor, and received the 5.00 rr, took that and got the schick razor, and received the rr. I was also lucky to use the 10.00 P&G rr from the previous week and a nivea rr and purchased 3 neutrogena items (all facial treatments/moisturizers) so i can submit for the MIR. Unfortunately i don't have the official breakdown (i accidentally left my receipts in my folder at work - whoops), but thanks to WildForWags, i was able to score big and spend just the cost of the tax (and a soda, had to splurge one day)
Cant wait to shop there this week!

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