Thursday, June 24, 2010

Target Shopping 6-22

This week at target i managed to pick up some more OldSpice Body Wash.
6 O.S. Body wash at 3.54 each
1 Pampers Wipes 2.39

Coupons Used:
3 - b1g1 Body Wash Coupons (6-6PG)
3 - 1.00/2 Target Coupon ( i think he accidentally scaned 1 twice)
1 - 2.00 Pampers Coupon (6-6PG)

Before Coupons Total 23.63
After Coupons Total: 8.01

Paid with:
0.24 Gift card the customer before left behind for me (she didn't want to carry it around with her for 24cents)
5.00 gift card from the sobe deal earlier in the month.
Under 1.50 cash for the purchase
Recieved 2 - 5.00 Gift cards


  1. The pamper wipes at our Target were 1.97 for
    tub and 2.39 for thick. The coupon said any
    pamper wipe, my cashier said I had to purchase thick even though the coupon specifically said ANY PAMPER The picture on the coupon showed the thick.

  2. There werent even any of the tubs at my target to try it with... I was happy with 39 cents for a pack of wipes... :D It all depends on the cahsier or the day you go... :( i wish it was more uniformed - and they were better trained with coupons (especially when it says "ANY") Sigh... One day :D