Friday, July 30, 2010

CSN Review

After Much Anticipation.... I finally Got it! CSN Stores were generous enough to let me Review 1 Product of my Choice. This was probably one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. After Long debates and MANY choices I finally chose:
Yep The Rocket "Blast Off" Play Tent.

This arrived in the mail today - Right on time! Our dogs announced the arrival of this package by barking their heads off.. I ran to the door to receive the package...and My son was right behind waiting to open it. For all those who don't know, I have a 3 1/2Year old son who looks forward to opening the mail with mommy! And when something comes in the mail with his name on it... He tells EVERYONE! Gotta love it.

Daddy put the tent together while I was at work today. He said that the directions were Extremely easy to follow and it wasn't hard to put together at all - except for having to crawl inside to tie the strings around the pole. (wow, that must have been a funny sight. Too bad I was not home to view it)

When i got home from work, My Lil Guy was all excited to tell me about his new ROCKET! He was ready to get away from the dinner table to go take me to play in it. But alas, he finished eating first than took me downstairs to play in the rocket.

Yes I did crawl into the tent with him. Surprisingly there was enough room for me to sit up(I'm about 5'3")! This Rocket is 56" tall and 40" in diameter. It would easily hold a couple young ones. There are 2 openings (doors) that the children can crawl in and out of. It also has 2 window cutouts - which is great for peering out while your Flying into Space!

The structure of this Rocket is held up by poles. The Body of the rocket is blue and made from a softer material. The Top of the rocket is Silver and more Sturdy. The outside of the rocket has a couple of pieces of Velcro. It comes with a few different Space Themed Decals that you can put wherever you think they should go on the rocket. This is great for a child who loves to REDECORATE!

My one cat did decide to make a home out of it. He's actually sleeping in it right now! Well, speaking of Sleep, That is where i am going to be heading!

Thank you again CSN Stores for this great Review Opportunity.

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  1. Looks like an awesome Christmas gift!

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