Thursday, October 14, 2010

Safety 1st Products - Booster Seat and Step Stool Review

Safety 1st has come out with a new line of products.  They have come out with the Nature Next line.  The Nature Next product line is made from 50% plant based bio-plastics. Safety 1st sent me 2 items to review. 

The first is the Safety First Booster Seat.  This seat features:

  • 3-point harness keeps child secure

  • Non-slip rubber feet keep seat steady

  • Adjustable chair straps

  • This set is made from the great quality that you would expect from Safety 1st.  The great feature about this seat is the waist harness.  This is built where you can wrap the belt snugly around the child's waist.  Other booster seats that I have used in the past have the waist belt coming from the back of the chair - and then wrapping around the child's waist.  This allows a lot of wiggle room - and the child can become an escapee.  This booster seat does not allow any wiggle room for the child to get out of the seat, but it allows room for the child to be comfortable and sit a little closer to the table.  The other great feature- The cost.  You can buy this step stool on the Safety 1st website for only $11.49

    The other item I was able to review was the Safety 1st Step Stool.  This step stool features:

  • Textured top with fun frog design for added safety

  • Non-slip feet

  • 7 inches tall

  • When this came in the mail, the first thing that my son did was Claim it for his self.  He is 3 and loves finding new ways to get to items that are beyond his reach.  The nice feature about this is it has the non-slip feet pad, so I know that my son wont slip when he's trying to get something off the shelf or when he's brushing his teeth before bed.  The other great feature- The cost.  You can buy this step stool on the Safety 1st website for only $6.49
    The Quality of both of these items are exactly what you would expect from the wonderful creators at Safety 1st.  Safety 1st products have always been durable and well trusted in my home.  And now, they have come out with a line that is more friendly to the earth.

    ** I was sent a booster seat and Step Stool for review only.  I was not financially compensated for this review.  All opinions are 100% mine. 


    1. I like that they are affordable and non skid!

    2. For a long time, I have used a Safety 1st booster seat and my kids loved it! One seat made it through two kids!

    3. Both of those products look fantastic. I love the booster

    4. Audrey really needs a booster seat, and step stool! I'll have to check into these! As always thanks for the awesome review Amy! :D


    5. step stool looks like a good product and the price is great

    6. I wish I had those when my kids were babies...our little step stool slid all over the bathroom!

    7. I'm looking for a second booster seat, that's a great price!