Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter - One of My Favorite Times of the Year #HOPParty

I was just putting in my requests off for the next few months, when I realized that easter was just around the corner. I made sure to quickly request that day off .... Since I work retail, my store is not closed for Easter....And it is slow that day anways, So I dont think they will miss me too much.

I love the holidays.... And easter is one of my favorite holidays. It is a holiday based around religion - Which yes I am Catholic. I do belive in the regious reasons behind Easter! And I try to abide by most of the traiditions that Lent and Easter that I grew up with. That includes no meat on fridays and then silence and prayer between 1:00 and 3:00pm on Good Friday.
We do celebrate using the traditional easter egg hunt and candy giving... But My most favorite thing about easter is being with my family! I work 2 jobs, so spending time a whole day with my husband and son is not something that happens very often. And as an added bonus we spend it with the extended family.

The night or two before Easter Sunday, we make hard boiled eggs... Which... My 4 year old son LOVES. HE so enjoys decorating the eggs, and it is a great way for him to learn his colors - and how to make new colors (Ex: Red and blue make purple.... ) Also, with the crayons that you use to write on eggs with... He can learn how to spell things like Mommy and Daddy and his name! After they are all decorated they go in the fridge for easter morning.

Since we have 3 cats, and 2 dogs, we do not leave the eggs out overnight. Last year we "hid" just a couple of Real eggs and a couple of the plastic eggs for Lil C to find. This way the animals wouldnt break the real ones (nor would they hide it) Lil C had so much fun finding them... that I look forward to finding new and creative places to hide them.

After we find the eggs and eat breakfast, We have a few hours of relax time... before having to get ready for my Grandma's house. This has to be one of my favorite parts of the day. At my grandma's I get to see almost all my aunts and uncles....and Lil C gets to see all his cousins... So he has someone to play with! We have Delicious Dinner that EVERYONE helps make. Ever family brings part of the meal or desert for dinner - and Grandma makes the Main meat (usually a ham or a roast) and everyone Picks... It is always better right off of the hot pan. After visiting time with my family, we then usually head over to my husbands family for the same thing - More dinner and family visiting. Then a long drive home!

What is your favorite part of Easter?

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