Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wall Street

Guest post written by my buddy Fidel Hernandez
One of the most intriguing films I recently watched on was "Wall Street." This movie gives a glimpse into the world of insider trading, however, it provides a rather dark glimpse of this world. There is definitely a bias in this movie against wall street and all the problems it causes in society, according to this film. While I may not share the same view, I found it interesting to get an idea of what people who disdain wall street truly think about it. I also think this movie accurately depicts some of the reasons people do not like the financial markets as well.
First off, one gets a glimpse into this world and sees how corrupt it can be at times. The world of insider trading is truly based on the premise of greed, and people are often willing to do very unethical things to attain this goal. In particular, people will betray one another in order to make more money in the financial markets, or they will put the entire livelihoods of their families at stake. This film also shows how the government works with the financial markets and makes corrupt decisions as well. I think this movie truly teaches a person to always be skeptical of the government, no matter how great its intentions may seem in fixing certain economic situations.

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