Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Ideal Getaway - Summer Plans

Even though it is only the beginning of the year... Well, mid January to be exact... I have been thinking of what I would love to do this summer.  I have been itching for a family vacation, but Have not been able to take one.  So I am trying to decide what I would like to do.

Right now, finances are tight, so I know I cant take my son to Disney Land and all the great American attractions.... But he's only 4...So i don't think he realizes that he is missing out on anything yet.  But I want to make the most of my vacation.  I would love to take at least 2 weeks off of work, pack us up in the car and go driving.   But, Where would I go...

First I would start off in Michigan - my home town and take a day and drive down to Ohio.  I have made many friends since i have started Blogging... And I think this would be a great time to meet them.  The one person I would definitely have to go visit is my Best Blogging Buddy Rebecca (you would have seen her over at Bzzing Mom).  She has an adorable little daughter that I just want to meet.  And Rebecca is a Completely Great friend!  I would have never guessed her age from the level of maturity she shows in her blogging and just from everyday casual conversation.  Since I haven't been to Ohio (except to go to Cedar point) I have no idea what there is to do. I'm sure we can find something - and if none the less, just chill and soak up the fresh air.

From there I think I will take a drive from Ohio to Connecticut to visit one of my other blogger friends.... You may know her as Queen B from This Mama Loves Her Bargains. She has 3 ADORABLE Children... And I know - just from talking to her... that she is a BALL to hang around.  She is very smart witted and a great writer!  With her help, I know I have grown as a writer and also as a person, and I look forward to meeting her and her family!

From there.. I may just have to take a drive down to Georgia.  I have a lot of family down there - who I miss.  I have not been able to see them in a couple years -because of work schedules and everything.  I am really am looking forward to meeting my newest cousin Blake.  

From there... I will have to come back to Michigan.  It is going to be a great time. I don't have any big plans on visiting all the Tourist Attractions...Or going as many places as I can in the short time I will be able to get off... My great vacation will be Relaxing and laid back.  If we get to do everything, then fine... If we have to pass on something...then that is okay with me also.  I am just looking forward to having time off - and spending the time with my son.

This just my idea of how I want to spend my summer. Ill keep you posted through the summer if anything has gone the way I plan!

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  1. oh!! you are coming to see me!! YAY!!

  2. OMG you are the sweetest!! I really need this today, thanks!!1 :)

  3. That is so cute. I would like to meet both of them too. :)

  4. Well this looks like I missed another one of these event posts from social moms. I get their email like others say but this was not in that. Please tell me how I can find about these opps so I can get in on some of them. It's not fair it's the same people over & over getting the gift cards.

  5. We are planning a trip to MI this summer (hopefully). We both have family in or near Taylor, MI. =)