Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Got You Babe – Valentines with EdanFantasys

With Valentines Day not too far around the corner... okay, well about a month away... I just thought I would tell you about this great little website! PSSST... all of you men reading this... HINT HINT!!! GOOD STUFF for your lady! So, as I was saying there's this great little website that I found... EdenFantasys. Yes you read that right! I know what you're thinking.... Oh, its just another adult web store... But it is so much more! They do carry the traditional Toys, but Did you know that they have other great things like Massage Oils and Lotions and Aroma Therapy Candles. These are perfect items to set the mood for a great Valentines Day!!! I love all the options that EdenFantasys Carries and I know you will too!
Eden Cafe

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  1. Whoo hoo - a little "spice" for Valentine's Day. What fun!