Thursday, March 8, 2012


Thanks to Roman May
My husband knows someone from his work that has two teenage sons. He was eating lunch with my husband the other day, and started talking about all the trouble he is having with his boys. His boys have started getting into trouble at school and have become more and more rebellious towards all authority including their parents. He has really had to start buckling down with the boys and keeping tabs on their school work and everything else they are involved with. The boys have even been caught more than once sneaking out of their house at night. So finally he had to talk with someone about getting a security system that would not only keep the bad guys out, but one that would also let him know when his sons were attempting to sneak out at night. That is when he contacted adt security services. The company was able to set up the system without the sons knowing that they had it installed. So now whenever they try to sneak out of the house, their dad is notified on his cell phone and can go to the place in the house that they are attempting to leave from. They don’t know what to think now. They just know that now they are getting caught.

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