Friday, August 27, 2010

Pen to Paper Challenge

I have recently became a Pearista. Being a Pearista means I am part of a group of Bloggers Sponsored by Pear Tree Greatings "that value the power of connecting through Stationary", and other cards. Also with this great privilege, I can keep you up to date on any of the specials going on through the months.

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This month they are having a Pen to Paper Challenge. This is where you take time away from the computer or the cell phones and actually Hand Write a letter or even a small message to someone. I was out of town for the 1st week of the challenge, So I am a week behind. So this week I will be writing 2 notes on my New Pear Tree Greetings Note cards.

The first of the two note cards is going to be sent to family we have in Georgia. We converse online, but there's still that connection that pen and paper can bring. It is just a small little note to say that they are loved and we miss them. We havent been able to aford to take a vacation down there in almost 2 years (love the economy). Its gotten expensive since my son now is older than 2 and requires to be a full price ticket. And non of us have the patience to drive 10-12 hours to get there :(. I did enclose the additional card so if they would like to write back, they can...or they can pass it on to someone else. like a pay it forward.

The second will be to a friend just a few hours away. Thanking them for the great time we had when visiting last. My son made 2 new friends...and I wanted to share a pic of all 3 kids with them. I cant wait to visit them again. It was a blast, and my son was in total heaven. Once again, I did enclose the additional cards, so they can either write back or take that to write to someone else.

Lets see if we can keep this going. This is a great idea. A pen and paper letter/note is way more meaningful that a text message or an email. I have always been a person for hand written notes. I find it easier to express myself when I am holding the pen. Like it becomes a part of me...and words tend to flow easily. Not so much when I am typing. Maybe it is because spell check doesnt like some of my words (like my name) and does that Silly red squiggly underline...You definatly dont get spell check on a hand written letter. That's what makes it the best!

Keep Tuned!

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