Saturday, June 30, 2012

Are you a shop-aholic? How to shop like one - but still save!

Are you a shop-aholic?  I am an internal Shop-aholic... But I think I have done very well at keeping it under control.  I Love to feel like I am a spoiled Princes.... I just hate Spending money.  That is why I search for Voucher codes on the net.

Searching for voucher codes can Definatly Help you save money.  Currently I am on the search for items to take to blogher.  I am on the lookout for Luggage...and a new purse...and a computer bag...and a few new outfits!  I am having a hard time trying to figure out what to wear.  I have never been to a conference this big.  So I am open to all suggestions.

Everyone says that I need to dress like me.  Well, me..  I'm always in a work uniform (I work 7 days a week) - so I can not dress like me.   And everything that I had in my closet is about 2 sizes too big.  If I am not in a work uniform, I can be found in T-Shirt and Jeans... But I feel that a conference this big needs something a little more.  Like a nice pair of slacks or a really cute top.  I did find a sundress that will look cute for some of the parties that I am hoping to go to.  But I still need some more items. So off to the internet I need to go for coupons or gift codes.  I am wanting to shop like money means nothing - but pay as little as possible.

What is your favorite site to find great deals on clothing?

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  1. I never buy anything at retail price anymore, especially online. You can pretty much find a code for anything as long as you do your research. Great post! Hope you find some great items for BlogHer!