Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Taking Care of the Family

This guest post from Doris Dillon
My husband and I had to move to Texas last year to care for his ailing mother. Our kids are already out of the house, so it wasn’t too much of a sacrifice. We always planned on ending up there at some point, we just ended up there earlier than we planned. My mother in law needed us, so we had to be there. My father in law was taking care of her by himself and he was overwhelmed. We got ready for the move, and my husband was able to find a job through some old friends, but I was not. My mother in law was racking up some pretty serious medical bills, and we were starting to worry about how we were going to make ends meet with all that was going on. One of my husband’s old buddies told us to check out so we could save on our energy bills. I guess it all ended up working out since it is good for me to be home with my mother in law. I know we will make it through this hard time with the support of our friends and family.

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