Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Thanks to Lemuel Craft
Last week I started to write a check for my son’s tuition at his preschool and realized that we had run out of checks. We rarely use checks, so I only have to order them a couple of times per year. Since we found some WildBlue Deals on internet, I decided to utilize it and order checks online. It is so much cheaper and less of a hassle to order checks online than at the bank in my opinion. I like picking out the design on the checks. Before I was married, I would order checks with animal prints or flowers. Now that I am married, my husband insists that we have some checks that are not so feminine looking. The last few pads of checks were very boring looking and were just plain blue. My husband liked them because he thought that they looked much more masculine than the checks that I normally pick. For this order, I think I will try to find some checks that are not as boring. It is really not that important what your checks look like, but I always look at peoples’ checks when they write me one.

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