Saturday, November 26, 2011

Credit card debt

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda
My mom loves to shop. She grew up with her daddy’s credit card, being able to use it whenever she wanted and her dad would pay it off at the end of each month. She grew accustomed to shopping wherever she wanted to and rarely looking at price tags. When she married my dad, they could not afford for her to continue shopping the way that she had when she was growing up. She was fine with this when she was raising us, but once we were out of the house, she started back with her old habits of shopping whenever she wanted to. She got several credit cards and hit the limit on all of them. She decided that she needed to cut costs elsewhere in order to start trying to pay off the credit cards. She found out that their city of Vaughan has Oncor Energy available at a fixed rate, so at least their power bill will be predictable and lower than it normally is. I hope she finds some other ways to save money or at least can cut down on the amount of shopping that she does.

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