Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jingle around the Clock with EdenFantasys Adult Store

If you have never shopped online for any Adult Toy or Intimate apparel, You should really check out EdenFantasys.  They are an online Adult Toy Store - that carries Way more things than just toys. They carry everything from lingerie to male and female toys - to lotions and candles.

I had the pleasure to review one of their Massagers. EdenFantasys Sent me the Countour I & Beyond Euphoric set.  I know personally I love a good back massage.  Who doesn't... And when this good back massage can lead into other things... well, there you go!  The Countour I is a 5 1/2" Ceramic Massage Stone. It has 2 Knobed ends, to help get all the kinks and knots out.    It also comes complete with the Beyond Euphoric Massage Cream.  They also send you a little users guide on the stone - and it gives you different tips and tricks on how to use all the sides of this Contour I to ones advantage.  Now, my only task is getting my hubby to massage my back on a more frequent level!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
* I received the Contour I for Review purposes only.

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