Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jingle Around the Clock with Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Honey -R&G

Tropical Tradition is known for their Virgin Coconut Oils - but did you know they also carry Organic Honey?!! I am a complete Honey Fan! Especially when you put it on toast - to make the perfect morning snack. Or use it in a glaze on a Ham. Tropical Traditions Prides themselves in harvesting only the Best of the Best in Honey.

A little about Tropical Traditions Honey: Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Honey comes from the frontier areas of Canada, and is only harvested during a 6-week period in the summer. Tropical Traditions is the exclusive source of this premium organic honey in the U.S. Most commercial honeys available on the market today come from bee farms, where the bees are controlled within a certain area and get their pollen from usually only one kind of flower. Many of the plants that produce these flowers (clover, orange blossom, etc.) are grown with pesticides and fertilizers as well. In addition, almost all honeys on the market are pasteurized in high heat and filtered, removing many of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes." (read more here...)Tropical Traditions has allowed me the opportunity to try their Organic Raw Honey. I was a little surprised when this came in the mail, because it was more crystallized than what I have always been use to. But that just shows the great quality of the product. I am use to buying the store brand squirt bottle honey off the shelf because that was always what seemed to fit in the budget. But after tasting this Organic Honey - I may have a hard time buying anything else. The nice thing about this being crystallized and hard - is the fact that you can easily scoop out the amount that you will need for the item you are preparing. There is no extra honey drizzle left over on the edge of the container - gooking it up so no one can use the honey with out getting sticky hands. The downside of this being solid is the fact that you do have to warm it up to get a easily spreadable texture (for toast). But I don't mind... For the extra goodness in the taste.

If you love Honey as much as I do, you will be pleased to see all the great recipes that are included in Tropical Traditions Recipe Blog. Yummy - Honey Glazed Coconut-Cinnamon Rolls. I don't know about you, but reading that recipe made my mouth water!

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